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Meet Jurea


Welcome to JDRealFoodz! My name is Jurea Dawson and I am a plant-based chef and cooking class instructor. Over the past twenty-eight years, I have spent many hours in the kitchen exploring and experimenting with natural ingredients. I have developed recipes that transform ordinary fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables into dishes that are stunning and simply delicious!


Some people attempt to eat healthy but soon become discouraged by experiencing bland, unexciting food that lacks appeal. While others may become intimidated due to the lack of knowledge or skills needed to prepare nutritiously balanced meals for themselves or their families. I offer a solution to this problem. I combine health education with knowledge of natural foods to help you become an intelligent and more confident cook.


This website is dedicated to motivating, educating and providing you resources to make your journey to health a successful one. I hope your experience here will be eye opening, mouth watering and inspirational!

From Jurea's Recipe Box


Delicious and healthy, easy to prepare recipes from Jurea's own recipe box.

Culinary Training School 
& Cooking Classes

Plan a fun and informative cooking class in your home, school or church. Or attend my culinary training school for A-Z instruction in the artful preparation of natural foods.