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JDRealFoodz Cooking Class

Invite Jurea Dawson to your church, school or home to do a live cooking demonstration.


Watch, learn and taste; enjoy the full sensory experience!   


     The JDRealFoodz Cooking Class is an all vegan/vegetarian class. No animal products are used in any of the recipes including meat, eggs, dairy products, or animal derivatives like gelatin, casein or whey. All ingredients used are natural and plant derived like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. Excluded ingredients include refined white flour, refined sugar, hydrogenated fats, vinegar, artificial flavors and colorings.


     Each class is approximately 3 hours in length, and includes instruction, demonstration, handouts, 3-6 recipes per class, all ingredients, and tasters.


     Each class us designed to be fun and informative. There will be a gift drawing and a question and answer period. Cookbooks and other resource materials will be made available for purchase. All are invited to come and enjoy The JDRealFoodz experience!

    Cooking Class Themes 


Taste & See!




Going Nuts About Nuts


Our Daily Bread


Healthy Junk Food


Amazingly RAW!


The Mighty Bean


Kids Cookin' in the Kitchen


Healthy Happy Holiday!


Healthy Foodz Fast or on the Go

What's for Breakfast?

Curing that "Sweet Tooth"

The Bake-Off!