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     Jurea Dawson is a vegetarian/plant-based chef with over 28 years of practical experience in the art of healthy food preparation. She began cooking at the tender age of twelve under the patient and competent guidance of her mother. Through the years, she has developed a distinctive flair for creating delicious and healthy recipes and the incredible talent of creating eye-appealing and elegant food presentations. Her culinary philosophy has been to create foods that are not only healthy, but also appealing to the eye and palate!


Let's hear a word from Jurea, 


     "Over the years I have encountered people who want to eat healthy, but who simply don’t know what to eat, how to cook, or where to find all the necessary ingredients, and this poses a major obstacle for some. From this dilemma has sprung the idea to create resource materials all designed to help people learn the art of healthy food preparation in a simple manner. I teach cooking classes, write cookbooks, and I have developed a detailed plant-based culinary curriculum to aid in this process. It is my goal to simplify the road to health and wellness through education and demonstration."


      Along with years of experience in cooking and teaching, Jurea has a diploma in cooking from Lifetime Career Schools and is a ServSafe certified manager in the state of Massachusetts. Jurea has also assisted in catering events and she has experience in running a small home bakery. 


     Jurea currently resides in the beautiful Northern Berkshire Mountains in the quiet town of Windsor, Massachusetts.



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